The newest hip-hop mystery of "Why was Tyga about to shoot up the Sunset Room?" has been solved. According to those in attendance, the issue that sparked the incident is rooted in a repossessed Maybach.

As reported by TMZ, the rapper had brokered a deal to lease a Maybach for $6,000 a month. But, once the rapper fell late on a couple payments, the men who he leased him the whip repossessed the car. Somehow the two parties crossed paths at Floyd Mayweather's 42nd birthday party. Here, it is said the men approached Tyga in an aggressive way triggering the response that was seen in the video. Also to add fuel to the fire, Tyga was under the impression that the Maybach was unlawfully repossessed. 

Despite trying to air out his party, things seem to be good between Floyd and Tyga. Although the boxer released a statement denouncing his involvement with the incident, he told TMZ that he isn't mad at Tyga because to him all press is good press.

"I don't care that Tyga got in a fight in my party," Floyd said. "Guess what? It was good publicity for my party!"

He also went on to say that the "Taste" rapper was not "blacklisted" from any Mayweather events and that Tyga might be at his next party.