Rising rapper Travis Thompson has shared the official video for "Safe"—the closing track of his newly released Runaways EP.

The visual is set primarily in the living room and kitchen of a family home. We see Thompson and his family occupying the spaces at various stages of his life, starting from his infant days all the way to the beginning stages of his career. 

“The 'Safe' video is really the story of my life. From birth, to getting into bad shit as a kid, to my pops getting sick, to friends overdosing, all of it," Thompson said. "Me and my director Dylan Fout wanted to take whoever watched it- through what feels like a one-take, journey into who I am."

You can watch the "Safe" video above, and stream Thompson's six-track Runaways EP below. 

The EP officially hit streaming services Friday (Feb. 22), less than two weeks after the Burien, Washington rapper announced his deal with Epic Records.