While mere cretins like myself lament the cost of an extremely basic iPhone case, Drake is out here dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on a custom diamonds-assisted one.

The Grammys' 2019 Best Rap Song winner has apparently placed an order with the high-end jewelry providers at Jason of Beverly Hills for a custom iPhone case worth an estimated $400,000. The brand's CEO, Jason Arasheben, gave Hypebeast the details early Thursday. "As soon as the new iPhone came out Drake reached out to me wanting to create something epic to add to his collection of jewels," Arasheben said.

The case is comprised of 18k white gold and features more than 80 carats of white and blue diamonds, which personally means nothing to me but is presumably a contributor to the hefty cost. See a tease of the final product below via Jason:

Word of the case arrives mere hours before the expected streaming debut of Drake's So Far Gone tape, the 10th anniversary of which he marked with a lengthy note to his collaborators and inspirations earlier this week.

"Lil Wayne, a decade ago you took me out of Toronto and gave me the biggest blessing anybody has ever given me," Drake said. "I will never forget anybody involved in this journey even if you don't fit in this caption." Drake also notably thanked Kanye West, whose classic 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak is widely considered a sonic precursor to a sound Drake would continue to perfect in the years ahead.