Half-brother duo Everyone You Know have built their sound blending hip-hop, jungle, and punk with a range of influences from Wu-Tang to the Arctic Monkeys. Growing up in suburban towns outside of London, their subject matter openly explores the life of young men in suburbia, and the trappings of what can be a mundane weekday reality of going to work, coupled with the weekend escapism of losing yourself in pubs and clubs. The latter of which is shown in their latest video for their track "Dance Like We Used To", taken from their debut EP Cheer Up Charlie, which was released at the end of 2018.

Speaking about the track, they told Complex via email: "Lyrically, the song is just an observation of things we've noticed on nights out raving. Whether it's things we've seen our friends do and been a part of, or things we've seen strangers do. Most tunes you hear about going out at the moment are about the perfect night out, getting loads of bottles in a VIP booth, having a load of guys/girls round you etc. This was more a real representation of a standard night out. As for the production, we wanted to make something that was different to anything else we'd done before yet still sounded like us. At the time, we were listening to a lot of acid house and hardcore as well as newer garage records, and this inspired us to combine '90s rave with modern-day electronic music, giving the track a weird, genre-bending sound."

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