Fetty Luciano is keeping the GS9 name alive.

On Thursday, the Def Jam rapper returned with the official music video for "The Wave," a standout track from his 2018 mixtape Story to Tell. The visual's concept is relatively simple: Though there's no elaborate story or heavy-handed metaphors, the use of trippy effects and fast-paced cuts keeps the video interesting from start to finish. 

Luciano spoke about "The Wave" and how it relates to GS9.

"GS9 always been them niggas in NY down to streets, parties, etc.," he said. "We the most hated, the most talked about before the music ... so when the music came out it's like, 'Look at these bad ass kids from the 90Z'; for everybody who don't know, that's in east Flatbush Brooklyn. But yea, we been them niggas everybody talked about. The music speaks our life and where we come from. I'm the wave, we the wave, GS9 is a wave that everybody wanna be a part of. Rappers, street niggas, DJs, females, whoeva still use our lingo. We created that shmoney shmurda wave."

You can check out 'The Wave" video, directed by Ocean Waverly, above. Luciano will also appear on Def Jam's upcoming compilation album, Undisputed.