Rose Goldd is an up and coming artist from Brisbane making nocturnal R&B music. Her previous singles “Midnight” and “Ways” found her over sleek, glistening trap instrumentals that enhanced her dynamic vocal range, and separated her from the flock of singers we see in Australia today. On her new single “Woozy” she continues that trend – with a little help from one of Australian hip-hop’s rising stars.

“Woozy” is smooth and hypnotic, finding Rose Goldd and Vic August rooted in a dream-like vibe. The production from Soulis features glittery keys and reverberated synths to give the track a psychedelic feel, but the booming 808s bring it back to the reality of being a banger. Rose Goldd’s strong, assertive vocals paired with Vic August’s autotune croons add an extra layer to this obscure take on R&B, making the track feel like a club anthem set in an alternate reality.

Listen to “Woozy” above, and look out for more from Rose Goldd in the future.