‘Tis the season to ring in the New Year, and not a second too soon: We can’t get 2018 the fuck up outta here fast enough. Between harrowing natural disasters and a nightmare of a political year, mixed in with omnipresent misogyny and racism, this year was a challenging one, to say the least. But thankfully, bad things must come to an end.

At midnight, early Tuesday morning, our digital calendars will automatically flip to a new month, day, and year. January 1, 2019 will be upon us. But how are we ringing in this hotly anticipated year of change? What kind of energy are you, in particular, trying to bring forward? Sit with that. Think on that.

Whether you’re throwing a house party, or out at a club paying way too much money to do the same shit you do every other weekend, these are the 2018 songs that are going to reflect the way you view the year ahead. So get ’em queued up, or work up the courage to be that annoying-ass person making requests to the DJ at the last second. It’ll be worth it to make sure your 2019 anthem is in place. Focused on getting all the hoes to call your phone? Got you covered. Want nothing but wins for the next 12 months? Don’t even trip, it’s handled.

Here are 15 songs from 2018 that you should absolutely play when we leave the year in the dust on New Year’s Eve.