UPDATED 12/6/18 10:25 p.m. ET: Looks like Kid Cudi's Asterisk Collective tease is connected to Foot Locker. The company has partnered with adidas, as well as Raury, H.E.R., Patrick Mahomes, Donovan Mitchell, and Candace Parker with the goal of "positively impacting communities all over the world," a press release states. 

*️⃣CHANGE IS COMING. We’re excited to announce our partnership with @KidCudi and
his mission to help youth who are challenged with mental health issues. Find out more: https://t.co/vzH71rZlzN#asteriskcollective pic.twitter.com/zV4r10KMAm

— Foot Locker (@footlocker) December 6, 2018

Footlocker will be dropping the adidas Originals TRESC Run with the help of the aforementioned artists and athletes. The shoes "will be the first of many sneakers to drop under the Asterisk Collective, representing how these standouts support their respective communities and empower others to be true to themselves."

*️⃣CHANGE IS COMING. We’re pleased to announce our partnership with @HERMusicx and extend her pursuit to connect aspiring artists with music leaders across the industry. Find out more about her pursuits: https://t.co/vzH71rZlzN#asteriskcollective pic.twitter.com/SmtQFKtc3a

— Foot Locker (@footlocker) December 6, 2018

"At Foot Locker, it's our goal to empower youth culture through individuality and self-expression," Andrew Gray, Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer for Foot Locker North America said. "By partnering with adidas to launch the Asterisk Collective, we're fusing our shared values and hoping to inspire others to make their mark – whether that's giving back to the local community or encouraging the creative passion points of the next generation."

You'll be able to purchase the adidas Originals TRESC Run for $140 USD. The shoes will be available exclusively at Foot Locker starting on Thursday, Dec. 20. 

*️⃣ CHANGE IS COMING #asteriskcollective pic.twitter.com/YV3wElbXnL

— Candace Parker (@Candace_Parker) December 5, 2018

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What does Kid Cudi have up his sleeve? On Sunday night, Cudi posted a tweet declaring that "CHANGE IS COMING" with the hashtag #asteriskcollective. The tweet is accompanied by a 32-second clip where he delivers what appears to be the mission statement of the Asterisk Collective as an asterisk featuring a green, red, and blue stripe that rotates every so often.  

"This is not the world we want. We’re rewriting the script because these rules don’t apply," Cudi said. "We’ll be showing up with real people, in real places, in real ways. To inspire positive change. Bravery, courage, and action, uniting to showcase the power of creativity. Let’s create a better future together. We are the exception to the rule. We are the Asterisk Collective."

In late October, Cudi revealed that he just started working on his next album, but wanted to take his time. He speculated that his upcoming project wouldn't drop until "next year sometime."

Then, he dropped this tasty morsel. 

Maybe this Asterisk Collective thing is tied to his upcoming performance at the BAPE HEADS SHOW at Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden on December 6. Whatever the case may be, we're always exhilarated to hear about anything new related to Cudi.