J.I.D was forced to change the artwork of his excellent new album DiCaprio 2

The original featured a shot of Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike and Ralph Lauren model Konrad Annerud. It looks like the Dreamville rapper didn't have the rights to the image, however, because he pulled the original down and replaced it with artwork emulating Leo's long-awaited Oscar trophy.

A fan noted the change in artwork, saying that the people who managed to get the project when the OG cover officially had the "collector's edition." 

That led J.I.D to lament his mistake. He noted that pulling down the album and reposting it with new artwork effectively washed away his streams, killing the building buzz around the album and possibly harming his chances to be found by people who aren't yet fans. It sucks.

"Now the numbers fucked up cuz they took the whole project down to change the cover, literally dropped from #12 til like #80 sumthin," he wrote. "smh this is my fault."

He explained that the Konrad cover was never meant to go out and that they had to wait to change the cover to the statue for reasons that are unclear. 

J.I.D recently spoke with Complex about the significance of Leo to him. He said he made the decision to name an EP DiCaprio because he felt like they were both unrecognized greats. "He didn't win any awards at that time period when I made it. So I was like, boom: I don't have no deal. It's like symmetry there. There's a duality there that I can play with," he told us. "It wasn't too deep. I wasn't trying to make it too deep, but I was like, 'Alright, he ain't go no awards, I ain't got a deal, I'm broke.' . ... This one is like, 'He got his [award] and now I'm signing.' So this is going to be the last time I do it, but it was just a cool little thing at the time.'

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