2018 was a dark year for a lot of reasons and DRAM's failure to release an album certainly didn't help matters. The human dopamine hit of a rapper knows that we're hurting and he promised on Twitter that new work is coming in 2019. 

The artist behind sugar-rush hits like "Broccoli" and "Cha Cha" hasn't been entirely dormant this year. He served as a dash of positivity on plenty of other people's songs, including the uplifting Diplo collab "Look Back" and Valee's "About U." He even dropped an EP of songs called That's A Girl's Name back in July. But the album he has been promising since the end of 2017 — back when he was busy getting interviewed by puppies — never materialized. 

Fans definitely noticed the lack of Big Baby in their lives and called out to him to ask when the next project was coming. DRAM promised that we'd see the album he was talking up this time last year if we could just wait a little while longer. 

Folks who had been down this road before with DRAM were a little skeptical. 

Plenty of other followers were just happy to hear that there is new DRAM in the works.

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