Kodak Black found another reason to get excited. Drake reached out to the "Zeze" rapper via text to let him know that Dying to Live was one of his favorite albums of "the last 5 years." The Floridian posted the messages on his Instagram.




A post shared by The Big Stepper (@kodakblack) on Dec 16, 2018 at 5:15pm PST



A post shared by The Big Stepper (@kodakblack) on Dec 16, 2018 at 5:16pm PST

In the texts, Drake asked the artist how he managed to rap from a perspective beyond himself.   

"Your purpose is so pure," Drake wrote. "What got you there? Like you are almost talking from this god level birds eye view (sic) of your own life. I wanna know how you broke that wall." Kodak shared the praise and thanked Drake for being "down to earth." He also posted a screencap of Drake's Instagram story featuring Dying to Live's "Could of Been Different."

Kodak hasn't had a perfect press run for Dying to Live. He walked out of an interview with Ebro after the Hot 97 host brought up his pending sexual assault charges, something that Ebro refused to back away from even after taking heat for it.

"I was tryna have a balanced convo with Kodak Black & not ignore the serious allegations against him but also not ask specifics to make his situation worse," he wrote on Twitter. "[A]nd he wanna get an attitude with me?? Nah."