If you can't burst into the chorus of the Destiny's Child ultraclassic "Say My Name" on command, do you even love music?

The 1999 The Writing's On the Wall single (which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year!) was among the Destiny's Child cuts chosen for Alessia Cara's recent tribute medley. The SiriusXM session also included the equally classic "Bootylicious," "Bills Bills Bills," "Survivor," and "Emotion." Catch the full thing up top.

Cara is currently out doing things of this nature in promotion of her new album The Pains of Growing, a themed collection that includes lead single "Growing Pains." The track, Cara told NPR last week, was written during a time in 2016 when she felt "lost within herself" and seemingly disconnected from her own message.

"I had become, you know, the artist who talks about positivity, and being yourself and loving yourself, yet for a while there, I kind of lost that within me," she said. "It's totally fine if you believe those sentiments, but you don't believe them everyday because it's a learning curve, it's a process."

Shortly after the album's release, Cara thanked fans and fellow artists for helping her land a quick 10 million streams and supporting her vision.  "[M]y words, my heart, my point of view, all of it," she said. "[T]hank you endlessly to any and everyone who has lent their ears to this record so far, and all those willing to support and stand behind it before any ears or streams at all."