Audiomack previously got Migos among others to perform three tracks with an orchestra as part of their Trap Symphony EP series, and now they've tapped Chief Keef for another entry. Stopping by to perform "Love Sosa," "Faneto," and "Belieber" with a nine-piece orchestra, Keef brings a new angle to some of his best songs with the newly released performance, which is available to watch above and below, or for free download here.

Accompanied by violins, viola, piano, and cello, Keef's music works remarkably well with the orchestra thanks to his impeccable ear for melodies. It's a bit of a lower energy performance than that of Migos' entry into the Trap Symphony series, but it works just as well thanks to Keef's songwriting abilities.

“We came up with the idea for the Trap Symphony concept while we were in an elevated state,” explained Audiomack co-founder David Ponte. “After the success of the Migos Trap Symphony we wanted to continue the series to further prove the talent that rappers have by demonstrating that they can go toe-to-toe with classically trained musicians. The goal was to create something beautiful and unique and I think we’ve accomplished that yet again.”

Check out the performances of all three songs above.