Based in Amsterdam, singer and producer Saux (who is also one half of City Park) presents his latest track "Painting". The song is a progressive piece of R&B inspired by the late-night feelings evoked by the city, with touches of '80s pop infused throughout. Thanks to the hazy synth melody and the taut, angular rhythms, we're taken on a trip back to the days of new wave, whipping up a sense of nostalgia that neatly parallels the wistful subject matter of the lyrics.

Speaking about the track, Saux told Complex: 

"'Painting' was written at the end of Amsterdam's longest ever summer. The song talks about adjusting to a new sense of home — the conflict of emotions that it can evoke and the impact it can have on relationships. I moved a couple of blocks into a new house with my girlfriend, and the whole environment seemed different, everything was shaken up a little."

Take a listen exclusively below.

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