What you are about to read is indeed an article in which the only real bit of news can be easily found right here in the first sentence. Actually, apologies, the third sentence. Miguel and Nazanin Mandi are married now.

"To those who came out to celebrate [with] us we are forever grateful [and] hope you left [with] a full drunk happy heart [and] memories to last a lifetime," Nazanin said on Instagram Tuesday. "Yes, this was a long time coming but timing is everything [and] we will continue to do things our way always [and] forever."

In his own celebratory post, Miguel touted the new levels and unforgettable memories he shared with ceremony attendees.

The two met on a video shoot more than a decade ago, as Miguel explained to Pigeons & Planes in a 2012 interview. "The purpose is finding someone that you can spend the rest of your life with, for me anyway," Miguel said at the time.