Dummie, formerly known as Dumbfoundead, celebrates spontaneity with his new single called "Weird." 

"This is an anthem for those nights you stepped into the unknown and out of your comfort zone, the best times come from the unplanned, let's get weird!," he told Complex about the Sweater Beats and Donye'a G-produced cut.

"Weird" appears on Dummie's 10th solo project, Café Bleu, which is available now. The six-track EP arrives nearly one year after he delivered the Trump-inspired Rocket Man.

"Café Bleu is an imaginary neighborhood spot where everyone is free to come hangout," Dummie explained. "Nobody needs to know your name or your history and you can figure out your next moves in life without judgment. With this being my 10th solo project, I feel like I’m in a place where I am free to make choices without having to worry about the reactions of those choices. It’s a very liberating feeling. As an artist, I am now more open to exploring television, film, screenwriting and more."

This week also marks Dummie's major motion picture debut, as he appears in the Eminem-produced film Bodied. The project has already garnered rave reviews, as well as multiple international awards.