Bobby Sessions has a knack for powerful music videos. But this time he's determined to bring a serious dose of reality to the rap game.

Sessions' new video for "Material Lies," a track from his RVLTN - Chapter 2: The Art of Resistance EP, has the rapper team with director German Torres to show how much it costs to pretend to have it all.

The clip starts off fairly typically, with Sessions stunting in a big house, drinking fancy liquor, and driving a very expensive car. But as the song goes on, it's revealed that everything (including the pets!) is rented. The rapper explained the idea behind the video.

"Watching everyone's highlight reel on social media can make you depressed," he said. "It can even drive someone to fabricate their own life to keep up with the next person... even though people only show what they want you to see.... There's nothing wrong with having nice things. However a lot of us are spending money we don't have on things we don't need."

You can watch the video above, and stream the newly-available EP below.