In an industry as competitive as music, finding a solid group of friends is often hard to come by; which is exactly why Tyler, the Creator has chosen to keep his inner circle relatively small. 

The multi-hyphenate assembled a group of "ride or dies," consisting of his writing partner Lionel Boyce, Golf Wang model Wyatt Navarro, and Odd Future members Taco and Jasper Dolphin. Tyler admits that the crew doesn't always agree on everything, but their differences are a big part of their bond.

“We don’t dress the same. We don’t listen to all the same music. We have different opinions for shit—that’s why I love them,” Tyler told Fast Company. “We’ll be on each other’s team during the zombie apocalypse.”

As a gesture of appreciation, Tyler gifted each of them a custom piece of jewelry; a chain with a daisy charm that was inspired by his 2017 album Flower Boy. Fast Company's Mark Wilson reported that each of the pieces had their own distinct hue, while Tyler's necklace featured a multicolored charm with each petal representing one of the friends.

“It’s like he’s Captain Planet,” Bennett said.

You can check out the full profile here. We learn that Tyler is currently working on new music, has plans to bulk up his fashion label, and intends to launch a line of Golf Home goods in 2019.