Travis Scott is in New York ahead of his appearance on Saturday Night Live. But to hear him tell it, the Astroworld rapper wouldn't mind sticking around the city to perform in another NYC institution. 

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Scott revealed that he was bit by the acting bug as a teenager and wouldn't mind performing on Broadway. 

"In high school, I was in the thespian society. I was actually in this play called 'Kiss Me Kate,'" he said. "I sung this song it was called 'Too Darn Hot.'" 

After a jazzy run through the song with The Roots, Scott told Fallon that he'd like to perform in a musical on some of the world's biggest stages. While no one has ever considered Scott a straight-up singer, he's a charismatic performer who knows how to whip fans up into a frenzy.

"Definitely, that would be fun," he said. 

Scott also revealed that he's going to be in at least one sketch during his appearance on SNL.  

"I love surprises but...yeah," he said, when Fallon pushed him to tell if he's going to test out his acting chops. 

Scott's Astroworld recently hit No. 1 (no matter what Nicki Minaj has to say on the matter), so Fallon also took the time to dissect some of the album's standout lines. In particular, the host wanted to know about the Jamba Juice references on "Sicko Mode." Fallon put Scott through a taste test of three different Jamba flavors to see if he knew his juice. Check that out below.