In what will hopefully become an annual Halloween tradition, this year's All Hallows' Eve has given us the official release of Theophilus London and Tame Impala's take on the 1984 Steve Monite cut "Only You."

The video for the collab, first teased on Virgil Abloh's Beats 1 show earlier this month, was directed by Frankie Latina (Modus Operandi). Catch it in full up top unless you're simply not into things that are good very good indeed.

London and Impala gifted attendees of a recent show at the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood with performances of new music, all of which will presumably be released very soon. The songs are believed to be slated for London's upcoming BeBey project, though they just as easily could be part of something else entirely. Impala last put his collaborative energies to good use on Travis Scott's Astroworld.

Wednesday night, London will return to the Peppermint Club for a limited creative discussion and open panel with "Only You" director Frankie Latina and mixing and mastering engineer Stewart Hidalgo. More info on that can be found below.