Atlanta-based record label LVRN is looking to add to their catalog of high quality R&B hits, and Summer Walker’s “CPR” is a strong demonstration of that quality.

The visual highlights a love affair between her and a faceless love interest. Walker utilizes many visual effects to emphasize the soulful, seductive mood of “CPR,” as she and her lover embark on a night of romance. When speaking about the creation of the video, she says, “It was a cool experience shooting 'CPR,' I just always like the behind-the-scenes stuff. Lighting, design, and how a room transforms before and after. Seeing how they create everything is fun to me.”

Check out the Lacey Duke-directed video for "CPR" above.

Summer Walker is continuing to build a buzz for herself, as she will soon be opening for her labelmate 6lack on his From East Atlanta, With Love Tour. Info for tickets can be found here.