It can be hard to remember some of the beefs Drake has had over the years, but one that never really got resolved was his vague back-and-forth with Kendrick Lamar. The two have been sending subliminal to each other ever since 2013, but for the most part neither of them have ever really addressed it head-on. Former NFL star Marcellus Wiley, however, knows that almost wasn't the case.

Promoting his upcoming book Never Shut Up on Power 106 Los Angeles, Wiley brought up the semi-feud once more. When asked if there's anything new that people might take away from the book, Wiley teased at the 3:26 mark of the interview, "There's a beef that's out there that never got settled, never got the proper characters and the proper assessment but I was witness to it on one of my shows." 

Without giving everything away, he later added, "The Drake/Kendrick beef when it was really starting to brew... I was on Sports Nation at the time, and we taped an interview with one of the people and that one person went in on the other person. We were ready to let this go, but then that one person's team made sure that didn't get out."

Asked if the footage of the interview where one of the rappers calls out the other still exists, Wiley jokes, "The footage is somewhere [at] ESPN's studios where I used to work, so if y'all wanna go get that. ... So that's out there and I'mma put that in the book. I finally get the names and I finally say who did what, a lot of people have been asking about that."

If Wiley is true to his word, the reveal of this information could possibly reignite the beef. As for what was said, we'll find that out next week when Never Shut Up drops Oct. 23. Watch the full interview above.