After releasing two singles earlier this year, MANILA GREY are back with full intention to showcase their versatility. The Vancouver duo, comprised of singer/songwriter Soliven and rapper Neeko, present three new songs, all produced by their in-house producer azel north.

Self-awareness seems to be the overarching theme among these records. On “Leakz,” Neeko wastes no time as he begins the track with boastful, hard-hitting lyrics, which are followed by the equally fearless harmonies of Soliven. “Specialize” is more of an introspective cut, as the duo find themselves detailing their triumphs, as well as recent realizations in relation to their musical peers. “Change Me” takes a different turn, as the song chronicles the aftermath of a failed relationship, and the pitfalls of letting a significant other have a large influence on one’s life.

All three songs contain honest, confident lyrics over synth-laced, heavy beat instrumentation. When speaking about the new music, MANILA GREY told Complex that the songs “are a time-marker for everyone following our journey before the year closes out. They’ve kept us motivated, and we wanted to share them."

Listen to the new songs below; they will officially drop Wednesday (Oct. 10). You can pre-save the songs on Spotify and grab them on iTunes/Apple Music when they're available. The songs will be released via Opposition's recently launched distribution and label arm