For the new video for her B. Smyth collab "Ride Good," LightSkinKeisha wanted to try something different.

"I actually wanted to challenge myself," the self-crowned "Queen of Atlanta" told Complex of the new video. "Everybody is used to me being 'ratchet Keisha,' but I think it was time to show them my little 'soft and sexy' side. The video is crazy too. Like, I'm literally showing my inner sexiness and I'm a little shy when it comes to that because I've never really shown that before."

Image via Publicist

The track is LightSkinKeisha's latest glimpse at a new upcoming project, which she's promising will deliver exactly what her fan base wants from her. "My supporters can definitely expect a solid ass upcoming project," she said. "I'm going to keep giving my listeners and supporters great music that they're going to be bumping five years from now. Honey, period. I'm excited."

Catch the premiere of the new "Ride Good" video featuring B. Smyth up top. LightSkinKeisha's new project That’s Just the Bottom Line is due out in November.

Last week, LightSkinKeisha teased that she had just laid down what may go down as "the hardest song" she's ever recorded. "My sound has gotten so much better from when I first started rapping and making music," she said on Twitter. "It's crazy, all I been doing is working, the more I'm working the better I get."