KNDRGRTN hails from Detroit but you can hear the L.A.-transplant in his music. Insert Here is nine tracks of moody, hazy reflections on failed relationships, success, insecurities, and anxieties that feels suited for a nighttime drive on the PCH. KNDRGRTN rap-croons about jilted ex-lovers and fears of not making it with such assuredness you'd be hard-pressed to realize this is his debut project. There's no awkward sense of finding ones footing; the artist feels fully-formed already.

Part of that is no doubt due to the project's production, handled entirely by Beewirks, the Steven Victor-managed producer you've seen on liner notes for Pusha-T, Lil Wayne, and Jeezy. The hip-hop sounds fused with KNDRGRTN's alternative-styled delivery makes for a project that sonically sounds very of the present, for an artist that could very well be one to watch for the future. Stay tuned.

Stream Insert Here below.