The latest episode of Kevin Gates' interview series with Sway has arrived, and it's just as interesting as the previous segments. After discussing his stance on #TakeAKnee, his 2017 30-month prison sentence, and his relationship with Mac Miller, the newest episode sees Gates addressing his battery case from 2015.

While performing onstage at an event in Lakeland, Florida back in 2015, the rapper was charged with battery for kicking a fan in the face. The next October, he was convicted and sentenced to 180 days of jail. Gates brought up the ordeal with Sway, saying, "It kinda hurt me when people paint this bad negative picture of me like, 'Well he's just this woman beater!' How?"

Gates added, "The girl...and I forgive her for this, 'cause I know deep down in her heart it gotta be some goodness in there, but you know what you did.... You grabbed me, you grab you grab...I stopped and...Next thing you know again you grab me. When I threw the kick, it never connected with you. I played soccer my whole life, I'd have kicked your head of your shoulders."

He doesn't blame her for his sentencing, however, and instead pins the situation on "the powers that be." Even though he believed he was wronged, Gates says he accepts the punishment he received and there's no hard feelings there.

Watch the full interview above.