Each year, we debate about when we’re allowed to start playing Christmas music. Some believe you have to wait until after Thanksgiving, while others will crank up “All I Want For Christmas (Is You)” the second the temperature drops below 60 degrees. No disrespect to Mariah Carey, a.k.a. the Queen of Festive, but these heathens are skipping over a very important time of year and its corresponding music genre: Halloween.

What is a Halloween song, you might ask? Save for “Monster Mash” and the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, the genre doesn't technically exist. But thankfully, rap music has a plethora of spine-chilling songs that are perfect for any Halloween function, and actually bang. Whether it's via twisted lyrics or chilling production, some rap songs just sound like they could fit into a scary movie soundtrack.

While nowhere near as popular as Christmas songs, there are a number of spooky tracks out there perfect for any Halloween party playlist. So as you prepare to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, check out our list of the best Halloween songs, which are sure to keep things both terrifying and trill.