While no one can truly compete with the O.G. troll himself, 50 Cent, Jim Jones has historically proven himself a worthy sparring partner. The competition was rekindled on Wednesday in 50's favorite arena, Instagram.

The back and forth initially began when 50 reposted a video of Jim Jones with a caption that flamed the Dipset member.

50's caption read, "Damn jimmy why you look so dirty. What the fuck is going on, you from Harlem get it together."

And while fans have seen many cower under the weight of 50's tenacious hilarity, this only added fuel for Jim Jones to send a social media clap back that was noticeably better than the Ja Rule record. 

"I appreciate the advice," Jim Jones replied in the comments of 50 Cent's post, "but I heard Ebro said he will fuck u up wit out ur security." More trash talk from Jones ensued.

Jones' playful jab is a shot at the strained relationship between 50 cent and Hot 97 radio personality Ebro Darden. And although this internet "beef" is all jokes, things between Darden and 50 Cent (who have had problems in the past) seem to be heating up once again as 50 announced Ebro will be "punched in the face shortly."