Boasting the likes of Team Salut, Toddla T and Conducta on previous episodes of her Studio Bounce series, on the twelfth episode of the up-close-and-personal producer series, 1Xtra's Jamz Supernova sits down with Brixton native Joe Hertz to talk about his unique, nostalgia-filled R&B meets electronic sound. In this episode, Joe reveals key facts like he got into producing, the equipment he uses, and even breaks down a track to show the different elements and thought processes that went into making it. 

In an email, Jamz told Complex: "I always knew Joe Hertz was a great producer having supported his music on radio since his early soundcloud releases. But watching him in the studio really confirmed he's one of a kind. His attention to detail is incredible. His songs have always had textures for me, but I was able to learn all the little elements he implements to give his music that fuller sound!"