London producer Catching Flies is preparing to drop his brand new album and it looks as if there'll be one or two surprises inside (one of which we're about to spoil for you).

Joining CF for album keystone, "New Gods", is none other than rap trailblazer Jay Prince and multi-instrumentalist Oscar Jerome, a leading light in the current new wave of UK jazz. Together, Catching Flies, Jay Prince and Oscar Jerome bring their entirely different, but complementary disciplines to create a track that's jazzy, soulful and shot through with a dose of slow-slung, hip-hop cool.

Catching Flies explained the story behind the track to Complex via email: "The track represents a breakthrough moment in the sense that I felt super inspired again after a long period of feeling frustrated with my own process. Collaboration felt like a good way to fix this — and it did! Oscar had just released one of his debut tracks 'Give Back What You Stole From Me' and I remember hearing it on Gilles Peterson's show and it really caught my ear because it sounded fresh and I hadn't heard anything like it. I hit him up and we did a session. I wanted it to have a verse in there so hit up Jay — he did his thing and it really resonated with me. The tune is essentially about equilibrium in your own life — fresh starts and bettering yourself — so all things considered it felt pretty poignant and really resonated with me."

With fans in just about every pocket of UK music, Catching Flies is no doubt a name we'll all be very familiar with in the coming months. Stream "New Gods" exclusively below.