If you woke up this morning starving for another update on the increasingly silly details surrounding the 2014 egging allegations against Justin Bieber, then you're finally in luck.

As TMZ reported Wednesday, Bieber is now claiming Jeffrey Schwartz's "emotional distress" could be related to the alleged hiding of a porn company from his family. Schwartz, according to the report, funded the Erotizen company. Schwartz, however, has denied that he hid Erotizen-related happenings from his family. Bieber has also claimed that the "emotional distress" could stem from Schwartz's other company, Seller Networks, being hit with numerous customer complaints.

Schwartz has maintained that he and his wife endured the alleged distress due to Bieber's egging and related alleged activities when he lived near them in Calabasas circa 2014. Previously, Bieber coughed up a crisp $80,000 to Schwartz. However, the civil case has not been resolved.

Back in June, Schwartz's legal team attempted to get a warrant for Bieber's arrest issued after he allegedly skipped a deposition to hang with Hailey Baldwin. Per the Blast, Bieber promptly filed an opposition.

Bieber and Baldwin, of course, are set to get married soon. Back in July, noted Bieber buddy Post Malone offered to perform at the ceremony for exactly $0.00. Malone also quite generously offered additional wedding services. "I would love to perform—fuck yeah, for free," he said. "I'll be the flower boy or the ring bearer. He's very happy and I love to see my boy happy." Bieber, he added, is also "very handsome."