Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent’s petty beef will probably never die.

On Wednesday, Fif hit up Instagram with a series of memes inspired by Colin Kaepernick’s "Just Do It" Campaign. One of the fake ads took a petty and uncreative shot at Mayweather’s literacy:

Hours after the G-Unit boss posted the meme, Mayweather clapped back with his own predictably ignorant post. The former boxer used a black-and-white photo of Fif and layered it with a homophobic diss: “When I Have a Herpes Flare Up, My Boyfriend Always Tells Me Don't Worry Get the Strap.”

Mayweather captioned the image: “Is Curtis Jackson my biggest fan or my biggest groupie?”

It didn’t take long for 50 to reply. The rapper returned to Instagram with a screenshot of Mayweather’s creation. He captioned the shot with, “LOL CHAMP MAD AT ME AGAIN, BECAUSE YAL LAUGHING AT HIM.”

These grown men need to cut it out.