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Dizzee Rascal has returned to his grime roots with his new EP, Don't Gas Me. A wave of versatility ripples throughout the 5-track project, with four of the set's five songs self-produced by Raskit himself—a testament to his ability as a now-seasoned musician.

The EP itself is bursting with energy. Dizzee takes us back down memory lane, giving us heavy throwback vibes of the hungry MC we knew from way back when. Don't Gas Me's centrepiece sees Dizzee and Skepta back-to-back on "Money Right", a track some might say has been long overdue. The haunting sonics of the beat, produced by Skepta, lays the perfect foundation for the tight flows the duo deliver back and fourth. Energy levels are then raised again with the Afronaut Zu-assisted "Patterning Vibez"—a track nodding back Dizzee's love of bassline, and one that's sure to get you up on your feet.

Listen to the Don't Gas Me EP in full below.