Anderson .Paak is teasing something new with Kendrick Lamar for next month.

Over the weekend, .Paak shared a photo of the two to Instagram with a caption suggesting a release date of Oct. 4. At the time of this writing, it wasn't entirely clear what exactly we should be expecting on that date, but there's almost zero chance that whatever it is will be anything short of very good.

The artistic appreciation between the two is mutual, as .Paak explained to Complex back in 2016. "I talk to Kendrick frequently, we text a lot," he said at the time. "We met right after [the Dr. Dre album] Compton came out, just sharing stories and different things from working with Dre. He's really cool and I met the whole camp—I work with Schoolboy Q a lot."

When pressed about a possible collab at the time, .Paak seemed optimistic about the chances. "After my album Malibu came out, Kendrick called me up and he was just like, 'Thank you bro, for giving me something to listen to,'" he said. "It felt really good to get that respect from him because he's one of my favorites. So, you never know, I think there's light…"

Earlier this year, .Paak was among the artists Lamar brought together for the Black Panther soundtrack. Ab-Soul and James Blake joined .Paak on the cut "Bloody Waters," featuring production by Lamar, Sounwave, and Robin Hannibal.