We briefly interrupt coverage of Nicki Minaj tweeting through her emotions toward her latest album Queen finishing second, behind Astroworld, on the Billboard 200 chart this week to bring you some more uplifting news regarding Onika. Young M.A recently stopped by Real 92.3 LA where her interview with Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed concluded with a discussion on the state of female rappers in the game today.

Just last year, Remy Ma surprised the Hot 97 Summer Jam crowd by bringing out a handful of female rappers, including Young M.A, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Cardi B, and more.

It was a great showing of unity that has since appeared to fall by the wayside following Cardi’s commercial success, which compelled people to pit her against Nicki. M.A blames the media for cooking up this plot where we need to choose one or the other. "I don't understand that shit," she said. "They painted that shit, it was probably never a problem."

Young M.A was quite outspoken in her defense of Nicki, expressing her frustration towards the hate she has recently received from all angles. “That's the homie right there," she confessed at the 20:30 mark. “She's dope. I just hate that she gets so much hate now. Like, I just think that shit is corny. People on your dick one minute then, on some other shit the next as if she did something wrong. I don't think she did anything wrong. She's made a lot of impact in the game."