Before Trippie Redd's Life's A Trip album arrives on August 10, the Ohio-born artist dropped a video for a new song called "Together/Bigger Than Satan."

Trippie changed his Instagram bio on Tuesday evening to include a link to the video, which was uploaded to an unofficial YouTube channel called "TR666Plus." Along with the link, he wrote, "TOGETHER TOGETHER TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER BECAUSE.... LIFES A TRIP."

Over stripped-down production anchored by mellow guitars, Trippie's vocals take center stage as he delivers a dark, paranoid set of lyrics. "Forever tryna fight all these demons in my head," he sings. "Together we can fight all these demons in my head/Forget why I've been on the low/Walking 'round pissing all these demons off by myself."

Four hours before making the video public, he unveiled colorful, trippy album artwork for Life's A Trip on Instagram.

During an Instagram Live broadcast earlier this year, Trippie previewed the album and told fans, "I've made over 35 songs for that shit. I don't know if it's going to be all 35 songs on the album, but I'm going to tell you how it's going to be: There's two parts of the album. There is a more artsy, lyrical part of the album. That's where like, 'Taking A Walk,' 'Oomps Revenge,' 'Can You Rap Like Me 2,' 'How You Feel,' all the rock songs, the R&B songs, the very artsy rap songs, and shit are going to be on that side."