From giving us a classic—yes, a classic—at 19 with Polo Sporting Goods to seeing his momentum slow up with a stint in prison to having his voice sampled all over N*E*R*D's last album, North Jersey's Retch has had himself a pretty interesting career so far. Since coming home, he's been active on social media, and dropped Still Up late last year. Recently—this month to be exact—he released After the Verdict with all production done by up-and-coming producer GRiMM Doza. While there's some bangers on here like "Slop Trays," "Dubs & Losses" with Roc Marciano, and "Made It Out" featuring Tsu Surf, his verse on "Throwin' Sets Down" stood out to me. Over a beat that sounds like a demented horror show at a carnival, Retch brings a sinister flow that haunts the listener whenever they press play on this shit. Porter delivers July's best rap verse.

"Ridin' Route 80 with that work, niggas dumbin' out
Fastmoney, bitch, so you know it's never runnin' out
Never played the band but we had rock and we was drummin' out
Like Nick Cannon, bitch, we pack cannons, get to sluggin' out
Feel like Metal Gear Solid out the projects, nigga
Still doin' foreigns whether it's Sunset or it's Collins, nigga
Niggas debatin' if a nigga signed a rap deal
Sign what? I'm in the trap still
OT, hittin' baddies from the back still
Places couples out doin' dates, I'm doin' snack meals
Yeah, I'm sippin' red but I be wishin' it was Act still
Yeah, shout my nigga Leeks on that first cup
Just fucked a bitch that's wavy, nigga, surf's up
I'm hangin' 10 in that pussy, uh
Gang shit, invite my friends to that pussy, uh
Ha, pass a bitch like a Nerf ball
Shot out of space, my first day back on Earth, dawg
Haha, they don't get it, though
Might let you rock about that shit, but I ain't forget it, though
Got bad bitches gettin' deaded like they regular
Fuck mad bitches, yeah, I got 'em by the plethora
I can't compete if I'm ahead of ya
McNairy with McQueen and et cetera
YSL my bitch, Givenchy sweater her
Why you think them other niggas sweatin' her?
Play with them racks like Federer, uh
Haha, rock a durag to the Met Gala
Tinashe still playin', should've been smashed her
Tenth grade, I was trappin', tryna pitch faster
High speed chase, I got away, I'm not a whip crasher
Uh, that's on God, I really burned them niggas
Niggas speakin' on the kid, I'm not concerned with niggas
Uh, all my opps broke or they dead now
Out the coupe, throwin' sets down like, "Fuck your dead mans"

This is Catch a Felony Music. Be safe when listening to this.

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