Sheck Wes, who absolutely owned the stage earlier this month at All My Friends Fest in Los Angeles and incited a mosh pit or three, has given his track "Chippi Chippi" highly rewatchable video treatment.

The Sheck Wes and White Trash Tyler collab, among other things, sees Wes pulling a Tom Hanks circa Cast Away and utilizing some Blair Witch-esque camera angles for proper disorientation. Catch the full thing up top.

The REDDA-produced song itself, as Wes explained when sharing it to SoundCloud back in April on a very fitting day, is a nod to the practice of immediately ingesting some weed when life has you deep in the throes of annoyance. "To leave a place in a state of anger or irritation with the intention to smoke marijuana: 'My teacher got me tight, I'm boutta Chippi Chippi,'" Wes said.

When dropping off another new cut titled "Do That" on Beats 1 back in March, Wes revealed that he narrowly missed being a part of Kanye West's Wyoming sessions. Still, his upcoming MUDBOY project won't be suffering from a lack of Jackson Hole vibes. "I kind of want MUDBOY to just be only Sheck Wes and MUDBOY is going to talk about how I became a MUDBOY," Wes told Zane Lowe of his possibly feature-free approach to the final tracklist. A "MUDBOY," he further explained, is "somebody who came from nothing, you know, who turned nothing into something."

With a holiday weekend fast approaching, all reasonable experts recommend that you and your loved ones keep "Chippi Chippi," "Mo Bamba," and "Live SheckWes Die SheckWes" on repeat.

Here's why: