Machine Gun Kelly has returned with the visuals for the track "LOCO," and for the reckless video he brought along Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson. As explained in the chaotic video itself, MGK went to Syracuse for a week to film a part in an upcoming movie, and during his free time him and Pete decided to film a video for the new song. 

The video is pretty intense, with Davidson starting things off by lip-syncing some of MGK's verse before it's escalated with more scenes of the two generally being wild. During the video, they get up to everything from smoking weed and eating shrooms, to fighting each other in the street with lightsabers. The video even ends with MGK getting into some trouble at a hotel, after which Davidson says, "Those were good shrooms."

The two clearly had a lot of fun shooting the video. Director Jordan Wozy did a great job at capturing the insanity the two brought forth, even managing to make shots of the two eating seem a lot more energetic than they should.

As MGK explained on Twitter, there was no plan in place before shooting the video. It certainly shows, although mostly in a good way.