A woman posted a fake screenshot of a direct message conversation with Future on Instagram this weekend, claiming that he was trying to fly her out for a visit. The post ended up catching Future's attention and he responded by commenting, "Dats cap.., it was allll a dream!"

Referencing his viral "I'm good luv, enjoy" moment earlier this year, he hilariously added, "Nice Photoshop, enjoy."

Future didn't stop there. Sharing a real screenshot of a DM he received from the woman, he wrote, "When u decline thots they make up shit...no fly zone."

A few minutes later, he added a second message: "I'm sure someone like u jus not me."

The woman has yet to delete the original post and she told followers in her Instagram Story on Sunday afternoon, "Y'all think I'm hurt, that's sick. Lmao I'm really just laughing at this. I can get ANY n***a I please. I knew wtf I was doing beloved."

Future almost chose to name his last project I'm Good Luv, Enjoy instead of BEASTMODE 2, so it might not be a bad idea to keep an eye out for a Photoshop-related project coming soon.