Freddie Gibbs surprised his fans in June with the bare bones self-titled mixtape Freddie, and now he's back with an appropriately fun video for one of the project's many highlights, "Automatic." This isn't just any music video for Gangsta Gibbs, however, as he becomes a goofy sitcom-inspired character simply called Uncle Fred.

The Ben "Lambo" Lambert/Trevor Penick–directed video was written by Gibbs himself, and pays tribute to the '80s sitcoms so many Americans grew up on. It's an excellent reminder of what Gibbs delivered with Freddie, providing the perfect reason to revisit the project. He's clearly having a good time here, skateboarding and just generally being a bad influence for the kid he's looking after. With the follow-up to his and Madlib's 2014 album Piñata on the way relatively soon, he's definitely keeping himself busy.

Last month Gibbs indicated that Bandana, his and Madlib's second collaborative album, is already finished. "I just been sitting on that," he explained, before hinting that it could be his last album. "I just wasn't ready yet. I wanted to do something else first. I was like, 'Man, I wanna do this first.' I don't wanna put [Bandana] out yet 'cause I feel like, I don't know, that might be my last project."

It'll be a shame if Bandana does end up being Gibbs' final project, but at least he's released more than enough fantastic music.