UPDATED 3:15 p.m. ET: Ariana Grande has cleared up her intentions over the video of her talking about Travis Scott's new album that surfaced online. "I love the astroworld album a joke issa joke watch the video," she said. "Stop using me for clickbait."

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Ariana Grande took the Sweetener Sessions experience to Chicago Wednesday night, joined briefly onstage by manager Scooter Braun.

Braun, speaking on the certainty of Sweetener opening at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, told the crowd he had "100 percent" confidence. Grande then dropped a quick joke about Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD retaining the top spot during Nicki Minaj's Queen release week. "We've got three days left," she said, per E! News. "You don't know what Travis could pull!"

Minaj, who's collaborated with Grande this year on the Queen cut "Bed" and Sweetener's "The Light Is Coming," gave Scott a tongue-in-cheek "award" during the latest episode of Queen Radio earlier this week. "Travis Scott, you played your fucking self also for having your fucking friend come on the internet talking up for you," she said on episode 4 of her Beats 1 show. "You stupid fuck. You're a fucking man. You got your fucking homeboy talking for you, and you got your girlfriend posting fucking tour passes saying you sold albums. Stop it. Knock it the fuck off."

All jokes aside, Sweetener is definitely going No. 1 this week. The most recent projections placed Grande's fourth studio album as debuting with as many as 220,000 units moved. New and recent releases from Young Thug, Post Malone, and Juice WRLD are also set to be among the top 10. Queen, meanwhile, is projected to land at No. 4.