Taylor Swift has another lawsuit on her hands.

According to TMZ, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter is being sued over the name of her social networking app, the Swift Life. The plaintiff, Patrick Benot, owns a small computer consulting company that bears the same name, which he allegedly trademarked more than a decade ago. Benot claims the Reputation artist used “The Swift Life” title without proper authorization, which—as he points out—is highly suspicious considering the singer’s team knows “full well about the ins and outs of trademarking products.”

Benot, who operates the consulting agency by himself, says Taylor’s app has caused a lot of confusion among her fans, who’ve sent countless messages to his email, help@swiftlife.com.

The details of the lawsuit have not been revealed; however, it’s likely that Benot is seeking an injunction to prevent further use of his company’s name.

Taylor launched the Swift Life a day after her 28th birthday, Dec. 14, 2017. The app was billed a social networking platform specifically catered to Swifties; it included exclusive content, such as photos and news updates directly from Taylor, as well as user-submitted media and Taylor-inspired emojis.

“I’ve got something pretty awesome that we’ve been working on for a while that I wanted to share with you,” she said in a video announcing the app. “I think you guys are really gonna like this. I mean, I hope. It would be...it would be preferable if you did.”

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