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Precocious pop newbie TS Graye first caught our attentions earlier in the year with debut drop "MY2". Having kept tabs ever since, it's a quick return for Graye, as she unleashes follow up "Take Notes". Scaling boundaries from alt-pop to R&B, with production once again handled by Louis Mattrs, Graye pours an angelic rising vocal over rattling drums with its chorus falling into a slinking break-section.

Briefly described to us by the teen singer-songwriter, "Take Notes" tells the story of "realising you've fallen in love with someone unexpectedly". Not going quite down the expected route here, she further explains the tracks rebellious, and defiant tone. "As soon as I clocked (I was in love) I saw that the game had changed forever and had to lay down the law, hence spelling out the rules, take notes."