During the middle of one of his performances on Saturday night, which itself was occurring during the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, Ludacris got pissed off at a fan who allegedly chucked a plastic drink cup at him onstage.

After that beverage was tossed, Luda cut the music and issued a warning that he would "come down there and whoop your motherf*cking ass!" He also stated that the person who tossed the drink would feel the consequences if he were to throw something else:

According to The Blast, nothing else was tossed, so we'll never know if Luda planned to follow through or not (also we were robbed of a better video). However, they also added that everyone was on their "best behavior" afterward, so it would appear the threat adequately got the point across. All performers from Migos to Adele, take note.