There's an irony in Ambush seemingly appearing out of nowhere as his "Jumpy" single continues to connect with the streets and beyond.

Those paying close attention would've already considered him to be one of the more impressive newcomers within the UK rap landscape over the past year. With string of impressive visual drops and freestyles to his bow, there's an exciting potential and charisma to A.M.B—one that's already elevating the Camden rapper towards the top tier. If there was any remaining doubts, Ambush has solidified it for the time being, calling on fellow North Londoners Chip and Skepta to give "Jumpy" the all-star remix treatment.

With echoes of the last North London rapper rising to stardom off the back of a raw street anthem (Abra Cadabra's "Robbery" remix saw the record blast into another sphere in 2016), we won't bet against the stars aligning for Ambush similarly in 2018.