Kanye West’s Jackson Hole listening session for Ye looked like one hell of a party. With the great American outdoors as the backdrop, Chris Rock as the emcee and Big Sean, Pusha-T, Nas, Jonah Hill, Kid Cudi, 2 Chainz, and Lil Yachty as some of the exclusive guests, Kanye threw the biggest party in the history of Wyoming's Diamond Cross Ranch. But not everyone had a blast. Thanks to the many noise complaints, the ranch owners have decided not to host any more rappers on their property. 

According to The Blast, Jane Golliher and her husband want “no more rappers” in Wyoming. In the Diamond Cross Ranch owner’s mind, the disturbance that was Kanye’s listening session was due to everyone being from “California and L.A.,” which presumably caused them to exceed the 80-decibel limit by 40 extra decibels. Golliher says she’s open to hosting a “day concert” in the future instead, and only by an artist who makes “good music.”

Golliher revealed that she charged $50,000 for the right to hold a party there, and that in hindsight, she should’ve asked for more. She also pointed out that Kanye’s organizers and staff were wonderful, but that she wasn’t fully informed as to what to expect. His team apparently told her that Kanye does whatever he wants. On top of that, with plans initially held for an indoor session, Kanye changed his mind “every 30 minutes,” which offered Golliher a strong “learning curve” in terms of hosting music events.

While the party was supposed to end by 10 p.m., ‘Ye didn’t even start the proceedings until 9.30 p.m. That, in addition to the excessive noise, almost caused Golliher’s husband to cut the power and shut the whole event down. Fortunately for those of us who live-streamed the event—and, of course, everyone in attendance—that didn’t happen.

Golliher claims her neighbors in the other surrounding lodges complained about the noise almost immediately, and that she had to send staff to each lodge to persuade everyone to not complain to Teton County officials. 

In the end, it was the “most confusing” event Golliher had ever witnessed on her property. We know who won't be getting an invite to Kanye's next listening party