The visual for Valee and Jeremih’s song “Womp Womp” has arrived, the second video of Valee's that’s been directed by Chicago visual artist Hebru Brantley.

The video begins with Valee in bed with his girl, where she begins to argue with him. Valee tunes her out while rolling a blunt, using a menu bar at the top of the screen to dub all her words with “womp womp womp.”

The same menu bar aids Valee in daydreaming about something else he could be doing, like participating in a getaway. The scene shifts and we see two cops, who then pursue Valee in a chase. The video speeds up as they continue looking for Valee; he ends up hiding and changing in a motel room. Afterwards, his friend pulls up and the two ride off in a burgundy drop top Cadillac. Girls intermittently dance throughout the video—at the motel, at a restaurant—because this is a daydream, after all. Valee and his friend meet up with Jeremih at the end of the video, and we see some BTS action at the end, as well.

Included are cameos from Brantley, Valee’s manager and FakeShoreDrive founder Andrew Barber, and Chicago musician Hxlt.