If you’re from Birmingham and you’re into road rap, the name Stardom will ring many bells. A decade deep into penning his lived street tales, it’s only been recently that Stardom’s star has begun to rise outside of his beloved city—which makes sense: the last two years has seen him appear on Fire In The Booth, Tim Westwood’s Crib Sessions and other freestyle platforms, each time sparking a new wave of interest and “Yo! Who’s this?” comments from across the UK.

To put it bluntly, up until recently, Stardom’s music had never been industry-friendly enough to make a big splash; it was streeter-than-street rap, with jaw-dropping results. However, it seems hes found the perfect balance with his latest tape, Grams & Dreams. A mix of hard-hitting hood heaters and club-worthy bangers, this project marks a well-overdue change for a rapper who has become synonymous with the Birmingham gang scene, throughout his life and within his lyrics.

In his first ever magazine interview, Stardom opens up about the struggle that artists from outside of London face to be successful, why it’s taken so long for Birmingham artists to be recognised, and why he considers himself one of the best in the biz.