At just 20 years old, UK producer More Night prepares for the release of his debut LP Double Slash, which is set to be filled with an eclectic mix of music, from UKG to UK funky and even grime. On new single "RingRing", he enlists Scrufizzer to lay down some bars on the track.

Speaking about the collaboration, More Night told Complex: "Scrufizzer is a sick guy, and he added proper energy to 'RingRing'. That beat was made the same day; I sent to him a 16 bar with just the bass and the drums, and from there, Scru had recorded over the beat looped as that 16 bar which was sick. Afterwards, I just built around his vocal. And the main thing was to keep this track simple, just a simple beat with pronounced bass. I didn't wanna push Scru out of the limelight on the track."

Listen exclusively below.